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All inclusive!

You come to the covered table. Or just a table and some more furniture you have to arrange yourself, otherwise most of it is in place.

• Internet and electricity are included.
• All apartments have bathroom and kitchen
with stove, dishwasher and washing machine.
• Joint expenses: Kr. 25, - per sqm BTA per month.
• 50% discount on an optional FD Smart

Furniture furniture from

Room for enjoyment.

Two apartments are merged into the common room with large TV, fridge, games, shuffle table and lounge. Typically, the owners can use this when you feel in common, or you can rent it from the condominium to private companies.

Room for cozy.

The common room is on the ground floor. Right outside is a pleasant mini-park with seating areas, bocce / petanque / boule court, playground equipment and barbecue area.

Rooms for guests.

A guest room with four beds, en suite bathroom and kitchen is provided for the owners' guests.

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